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Alcoholic type A?
Later onset, less severe, more environmental, less dependence
Alcoholic type B?
Earlier onset, more severe dependence, paternal dependence, less environmental, associated personality disorder
Neurobiology of Alcoholism?
Release of DA(alcohol inhibits GABA) in VTA and NA. Mesolimbic involved in reward,
Chronic alcohol use?
Sensitizes system and causes a relative DA insufficiency
Predisposes you to alcoholism?
Lower Dopaminergic tone
GABAergic system and Alcoholism?
Agents that influence GABA-A receptors(benzos, barbiturates, antipsychotics) helps with alcohol control
Chronic use-decrease GABA-A receptors and increase sensitivity
Glutaminergic system and Alcoholism?
Alcohol is NMDA receptor inhibitor, chronic use increases glutaminergic tone, eithdrawal causes hyperexitability
Endogenous opioid system and alcoholism?
Alcohol releases opioids, causes DA relaese in NA. Abnormal when family history of alcoholism
5-HT system and alcohol?
Type A respond better to SSRI's than type B. Use with comorbid psychiatric disorder
Percent of risk of alcoholism is genetic?
Genetic varient found in asians protecting them from alcoholism?
ALDH, alcoholismis Acetaldahyde dehydrogenase
Alcohol Withdrawal?
Imbalance of GABA and glutamate causes seizures, delerium tremens,
Aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitor, Small amounts of alcohol make you sick, SE: neuritis, hepatitis
Oral Naltrexone?
Mu opioid receptor antagonist, decrease DA release, decreases cravings, block pain meds
Long-acting Injectable Naltrexone?
lasts one month, less hepatotoxicity
Glutamate receptor modulator(NMDA), normalizes glutaminergic hyperexitability, decreases cravings
Combination therapy for alcoholism?
Acamposate, Naltrexone