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The movement of medication in the body is called?
Metabolism occurs mainly in the?
Some medications are inactivated on their first-pass through the liver, this is known as?
first-pass effect
When a medication has achieved plasma levels that are effective and mot toxic, the plasma level is within?
therapeutic range
When are trough levels drawn?
immediately before the next administration
What 2 members of the tetracycline family is used to treat Peridontal Disease?
doxycycline and minocycline
What antibiotic is the first line medication for Riskettsia (Rockey Mountain Spotted Fever)?
When can Vancomycin peak blood levels be collected?
1 to 2 hours after completion of IV solution
What vitamin can decrease effects of Warfarin and place patients at risk for deveolping blood clots?
vitamin k
Taking several medication simultaneously together is called?
The best time to take a medication when breastfeeding is?
immediately after breastfeeding
What is the most serious adverse effect when taking Vancomycin (Vancocin)
ototoxicity (hearing loss)
Which member of the tetracycline family is used only topically and can used to reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis?
What is vancomycin used for?
MRSA and C-Diff
What may porlong the half-life of a medication and increase the length of response of a medication?
reduced hepatic function
Penicillins are most effective against?
gram-positive bacteria
What antibiotic causes yellow or brown discoloration on teeth?
Levels that are drawn just before infusion is called?
An adverse reaction of vancomycin is?
red-person syndrome
MRSA and C-diff are treated with what antibiotic?
What is the most important property a drug can have?