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what are the injectable anesthetic drugs?
barbiturates i.e thiamylal, thipental, pentobarbital

nonbarbiturates ie. chloral hydrate, propofol,etomidate

dissociative anesthetics i.e ketamine, tilemine
why should phenobarbitol not be used as an injectable anesthetic?
it has a long onset and long duration of action
3 reasons why propofol often replaces barbiturates as an injectable anesthetic
1) causes less respiratory depression
2) causes less cardiovascular depression
3) has no communitive effect
what type of compound is propofol
2,6 diisopropylphenol compound
Why does propofol have to be used immediately
It is available in acqueous emulsion in soybean oil, glycerol, egg, lecithin and sodium hydroxide. This makes it susceptible to contamination so it must be used quickly
What type of compound is propofol?
2,6 diisopropylphenol compound
In what form is propofol available?
Aquesous emulsion in soybean oil, glycerol, egg, licthin and sodium hydroxide
Why must propfol be used immediately?
The emulsion vehicle is subject to contamination
Does proporfol cause irritation?