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What is Cytochrome P-450?
What types of drugs are metabolized by Cytochrome P-450?
Cytochrome P 450 is a protein enzyme. P-450 3A4 is the most abundant.
Metabolizes Benzodiazepines, Opiods, Local anesthetics, and immunosuppressants.
If you inhibit the Cytochrome P-450 enzyme, what types of drugs will not be metabolized?
Benzodiazepines, Opiods, Local anesthetics, immunosuppressants
What drugs have the ability to stimulate Enzyme Induction?
Carbamazepine, Cigarettes, Rifampin, Alcohol, Phenytoin, Phenobarbital
What drugs are Enzyme INHIBITORS?
Protease inhibitors, Alcohol (acute), Cimetidine, Erythromycin, Nefazodone, Valproic Acid, Fluoxetine, Amiodarone, Diltiazem

Factors that effect Volume of Distribution and Clearance?
Hepatic disease, kidney disease, metabolism, Age
CENTRAL Compartment Includes?

PERIPHERAL comparment
Intravascular fluid, lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, liver

Peripheral: MUSCLES & FAT
define hyperactive, hypersensitivity, hyporeactive, tolerance, tachyphylaxis
HYPERACTIVE: unusually low doses produce desired effect

Hypersensitive: Term used to describe patients that are allergic to a drug

Hyporeactive: patients that require unusually high doses to evoke a desired effect

Tolerance: Describes hyporeactivity that is acquired from chronic exposure to a drug

Tachyphylaxis: is tolerance that develops after a few doses or short period of time
HOFFMAN elimination?
metabolism that occurs in the PLASMA. PH & Temperature dependent
ex: Atracurium, Cisatracurium (AC)

Atracurium and Cisatracurium both attain maximum effect in < 2 min after rapid IV injection.
What drugs undergo ZERO order kinetics?

Halothane "hepatitis"---what is it?
Alcohol, Aspirin, Dilatin, & Phenytoin

when Halogenated volatile anesthetics are broken down, the intermediates can lead to change in live cell formation---->no longer recognized as "self"...enzymes attack the deformed liver cells (HEPATITIS)