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Name two connotations for the term Powder
1. Physical form of the material
2. Type of pharmaceutical prep; internal or external
Types of Comminution of Drugs
1. Trituration
2. Levigation
3. Pulverization by intervention
What are the Powder classificatin?
Very coarse-Largest particles
Moderately coarse
Very Fine- Smallest particles
What are some uses of Medicated Powders?
1. local and systemic effect
2.vaginal douche
3. Internal and External Use
Advantages of Powder as a Dosage Form:
a) Medicated powders for oral use may be intended for local effects (e.g., laxatives) or systemic effects (e.g., analgesics) and may be preferred over coun¬terpart tablets and capsules by patients who have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms.
b) Oral pow¬ders for systemic use may be expected to result in faster rates of dissolution and absorption than solid dosage forms since there is immediate contact with the gastric fluids.
c) There are some medications, notably antibiotics for pediatric use, which are intended for oral administration as liquids but which are relatively un¬stable in liquid form. They are provided to the phar¬macist by the manufacturer as a dry powder or granule for constitution with a specified quantity of purified water at the time of dispensing
Disadvantages of Powder as a Dosage Form
They are time consuming to prepare
2. They are not well suited for the dispensing of many unpleasant tasting, hygroscopic or deliquescent drugs.
3. Bulk powders have another serious disadvantage i.e. the inaccuracy of dose. The dose is influenced by many factors including size of measuring spoon, density of powder, humidity, degree of settling, fluffiness due to agitation and personal judgment. Therefore, bulk powders to be measured by the patient should contain only nontoxic substances so that the wide variation of the dose will not adversely affect him
Use of Aerosolized Powders
Asthma treatment
Size of microionized powder
range of 1microm to 6microm in diameter
What are some inert propellents and their purpose?
Ex. Crystalline Alpha lactose
1. to aid the formula¬tion’s flow properties, metering uniformity, and to protect the powder against effects of humidity. In addition to pressurized aerosols to deliver pow¬der medication by inhalation, mechanical devices also are used, as the SPINHALER for the delivery cromolyn sodium from capsules.
Powder Blowers or Insufflators?
used to de¬liver dry powders to various parts of the body fol¬lowing depression of the device’s rubber bulb, which causes turbulence of the powder in the vessel forc¬ing it out through the orifice in the tip.