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Measure BP & report facial flushing (shock and "redneck syndrome" are the most immediate and life threatening advers effects
Increased serum creatinine (common side effect) indicating nephrotoxicity
Add vitamin B6 to PT intake for paresthesia
(beef, chicken, pork, liver)
Isoniazid (INH)
Ototoxicity at serum levels of 60-90 mcg/mL. Notify prescriber so next dose can be altered
Give PO QD for 6-12 weeks for TB exposure
Isoniazid (INH)
Overlapping side effect: Hypokalemia (decreased respiratory rate and depth)
Digoxin & Fungizone (amphotericin B)
Vitamin K may be needed in the event of a drug interaction.
(essential for prothrombin synthesis)
Levaquin & Coumadin
Contraindicated in those with impaired liver function (request ALT/SGPT and AST labs if PT presents with jaundice and lethargy.)
Rash more likely to occur in those with viral infections (ie. mono)
When taken for pneumonia, improvement in clinical manifestations should be noted within 48-72 hours (notify health care provider if not)
Give sub Q 0.1 - 0.5 of 1:1000 strength for bronchospasm r/t anaphylactic shock
Adrenalin (epinephrine hydrochloride)
Nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic so monitor I&O closely as well as excessive bleeding (impaired prothrombin synthesis in liver)
Primaxin & Tobrex
Signs and Symptoms: rectal itching, glossitis and fever. Inlcude yogurt or buttermilk products in diet (no antacids)
Oppurtunistic infections (ie. Candidiasis) r/t broad-spectrum antibiotics (ie. Claforan)
Disulfuram-like reactions (n/v, tachycardia, SOB) when taken with ingestion of alcohol (even up to 72 hrs. after DCing med)
Vertigo or loss of balance suggesting vestibular ototoxicity (Ototoxicity can occur with aminoglycosides [antibiotics] such as Tobrex)
Positive Romberg's sign
Use two forms of contraception while taking drug - Significant risks to fetus
Griseofulvin (anti-fungal)
Bacteriostatic - so not so effective in the immunosuppressed (Also, no iron, antacids, laxatives)
Maintain schedule for PT & INR
Primaxin and Coumadin
(Primaxin may cause increased PT & INR)
Shows that PT has been exposed to TB and developed a T-cell response (3-10 weeks after infection)
Positive PPD
Assess for signs & symptoms of lactic acidosis (hyperventilation and lethargy)
Postpone dose and notify prescriber for a lactate level of 5-6 mol/L
Administer deep IM (pref. gluteus) over 12-15 sec. (aspirate, no cold compresses)
Adult penecillin injection
Jaundice in dark-skinned individuals?
Assess hard palate
Both can cause bone marrow suppression (affecting immune system) and the steriod can mask signs of infection. So monitor for occult signs of infection (sore throat, suprapubic pain/pressure, low-grade fever, petechiae, fatigue)
Chloromycetin (anti-infective) & Solu-Medrol (corticosteroid)
(Chloromycetin serum levels >30 = increased risk for bone marrow suppression)
Administer with food for maximum absorption
Take with water, refrigerate to allow for easier ingestion (if desired), use a calibrated measuring device.