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common skin diseases
dermatitis, eczema, acne, urticaria, psoriasis, viral warts, skin cancer, fungal infxn
vehicles of derm meds
baths, lotions, gels, powders, pastes, creams, oinments
choice of vehicle depends on
solubility of drug; ability to hydrate stratum conreum; stability of drug vehicle, ability to retard evaporation from the skin
baths are ________ soluble, _______solutions that sooth the ___________.
completley water soluble; colloidal; skin
the ________ pressure of these preparations is high, so it draws _________ from the tissue.
oncotic; water;
they are good for swollen tissue to reduce _________
baths do not achieve good _______ absorption
Lotions are mostly _______, they ________ giving skin a cooling action, which causes __________ that decreases inflammaiton
water; evaporate; vasoconstriction
lotions do not _______ the stratum corneum adn are not good for _________ absorption
hydrate; systemic
gels are semi-solid _____ solns and ______. They contain ______. They enhance absorption through the ______
colloidal; suspensions; alcohol; skin
gels are a cros btwn a _____ and a tincture
powders are used to _____ an area esp a weepy wound. They absorb _______.
dry; water
powders cause _____ that can prevent ________
crusting; infxn
care must be taken to avoid ________ of small particles of powder
caution should be used when using _________ as it can cause a __________ infxn
corn starch; yeast
pastes are thick _______ that contains _______. They are very _______.
ointments; poweder; adhesive
They are ideally used when ______ is wanted, as no extra ________ is wanted
adherency; dressing
the two types of creams are _______ and __________
oil in water and water in oil
Oil in water mixes with ______ discharges and is ______, which is good when daily debridment is needed
serous; washable
water in oil is a good vehicle for _____ soluble substances. It is used when you want _______ drug to cross the ______ into _______ circulation.
fat; active; skin; systemic
ointments are ______ soluble and improve ________ of drugs because it ______ the skin an example is _______
water; penetration; hydrates; polyethylene glycol (PEG)
ointments that are ________ agents, mix with water and ________, allowing active drug to get ______ the exudate
emulsifying; exudates; below
non-emulsifying ointments work as ________ dressing and enhance __________. water will not mix or ______, which increases ______ of the skin, which is important when trying to get across the _________
occlusive; hydration; escape; hydration; skin
causes of eczema and dermatitis are
irritants and allergens; infxns (may be a sign of systemic illness); drugs (allergic rxn); environmental factors (toxins); local factors (venous stasis)
eczema and dermatitis txs include _________ which reduces skin water loss, ________ that decrease inflammation, and ________ for secondary infections
ointments; glucocorticoids; antibiotics
__________ is a cream that inhibits inflammatory cytokine release (antiinflammatory)
elidel cream
it has minimal systemic _______
its indicated for _______ dermatitis and _______ dermatitis, and is an alternative to __________
atopic; contact; corticosteroids
________ is the most common dermatologic problem we will treat in family practice
acne presents in
comedones; papules; pustules; nodules; cysts; scars
organisms responsible for acne are
propionibacterium acnes; staph
systemic ______ and OCP can cause acne secondary to _______ stimulation of ________glands
cS; androgenic; sebaceous
acne tx include what classes
keratolytics and antibacterial
examples of keratolytics which ____ up keratin ____ are
dry; plugs; benzoyl peroxide, selenium sulfide
strengths of benzoyl peroxide are ___, ____, _____ percent and are available _____
5; 10; 15; otc
The keratolytics that are available only by perscription
Tretinoin (retin -A) and Isotretinoin (accutane)
these meds are all
retinoic acid derivatives that decreases the size of keratin plugs and prevents them
Retin-A is a ______ preparation, in the form of ____ and _____
topical; cream; gel
accutane is administered
accutane is on a ________ disribution system. It is a _______ drug, so care must be taken to prevent ________
restricted; teratogenic; pregnancy
accuate is good for ________ distribution of acne, but has ________ and ________side effects
wide; gi; psychiatric (? increased suicide)
antibiotics treatments are administered
topically and orally
Topical ance abtx include _____, ________, and ______ which are the ________ of acne tx
ees; clindamycin; azelaic acid (Azelec, Finacea); mainstay
oral abtx is used mostly with ________ acne and is used at a lower ______ than when tx an URI
cystic; dose
examples of oral acne tx are
tetracycline (doxycycline) and ees
use of systemic abtx increase the chance for ______ infxn. If using systemic abtx use antibiotic from a _______ _______ to tx an URI
superinfxn, different class.
_________ and _________ are used in the tx of rosacea and are use ________ only
Azelaic acid; metronidazole; topically
psoriasis is a ________ disorder that causes ________ skin plaques with __________ infiltrates in the dermis, which is believed to be caused by an _________ response
hyperproliferative; thickened; inflammatory; immune
psoriasis tx is ______ and ______
topical and systemic
topical tx of psoriasis are
keratolytics (benzoyl peroxide/sillium sulfate); coal tar; CS
systemic tx of psoriasis are
CS (tx infiltrates in the dermis); methotrexate (chemo agent prevents skin cell division); hydroxyurea (chemo); cyclosporin (antirejection med; leaves vulnerable to opportunisitic dz) (need prophylaxis for CMV) infliximab (Remicade) (see an increase in malignancy)
classification of glucocorticosteroids are
mild; moderate; potent; very potent
only ____ is used on the face
examples of glucocorticoids are
hydrocortisone; (eczema); triamcinolone (lotion, cream, ointment, (moderate)); desonide (potent); Mometasone (very potent)
sunscreens filter _____ and ____ and are classified as
UVA; UVB; mild (<10); moderate (10-15); strong (>15)
________ is the only sunscreen that is completely obstructive
systemic tx for psoriasis include
corticosteroids; methotrexate; hydoxyurea; clycosporin; infliximab (Remicade)
CS tx ________ in dermis; methotrexate is a ___ drug that prevents ______ of skin cells
infiltrates; chemo; divsion
cycloporin is a _______ drug that decreases infiltration of _______ cells. One must be cautions as this make one suseptable to ______ dz
immunosuppresant; inflammatory; opportunistic
Infliximab (Remicade)is a _______ anitbody that is given via ___. Another med of this type is ______ which can be given at ________
moniclodal; IV; Enbrel; home
levels of CS are
mild; moderate; potent; very potent
Use only ____ CS on the face
examples of CS are
hydrocortisone (mild); triamcinolone (moderate); desonide (potent); mometasone (very potent)
chilren never get more than ____ CS
sunscreens: mild ____; moderate _____; strong _____; ____ is completely obstructive
<10; 10-15; >15; zinc
Tx of lice is _________. for hair infestation, apply and leave for _____ minutes repeat in _______, use a ___ ____ _____ to remove nits
permethrin (Nix, RID); 10; one week; fine tooth comb
Tx of scabies is ______. Apply to skinadn leave for ____-____ hours; repeat in ____
permethrin (Elimite); 8-14 hours; 14 days
side effects of antiparasitic tx are:
edema; stinging; erythema; rash
Tx for hair loss include
Minoxidil (Rogaine); Finestaride (Propecia)
Rogaine is a __________, who's effects are not ______ or _______; Finestaride is a __________
vasodilator; predictable; permanent; dihydrotestosterone inhibitor
topical tx for fungal skin infections include
clotrimazole (mycelex); miconazole (monistat); terbinafine (Lamisil); ketoconazole (nizoral); tolnalfate (Tinactin); nystatin (mycostatin)
_______ and _________ are the oldest tx
clotrimazole; miconazole
Terbinafine (Lamisil) route of admin is
ketoconazole is avaialbe as a
lotion; cream; shampoo
tolnaftate (Tinactin) is used to moslty tx
athletes foot
nystatin (mycostatin) good to tx
yeast associated with diaper rash
systemic fungal tx include
ketoconazole (nizoral); itraconazole (sporanox)' terinafine (lamisil); griseofulvin(Grisactin)
ketoconazole (nizoral) is administered via
injection; po
itraconazole is avialbe via
Lamisil is the only one safe to tx _________ and is less _______ than griseofulvin
onchomhycosis; hepatotoxic
Grisefulvin is very