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tx of iron deficient anemia
dietary supplements
oral iron supplements
examples of oral iron supplementation
ferous sulfate
ferous gluconate (better tolerance secondary less elemental iron
examples of parenteral iron
iron dextran (IV, IM)
Iron sucrose
Iron SE
n/d/c (only po)
interference with quaiac testing
pain at injection site
routes and dose of B12 deficiency tx
oral 1000mcg/day

IM cyanocobalamin
1000mcg/day 1-2 weeks
100-1000 mcg/week until levels wnl
100-1000 mcg/month for life (if lacks intrinsic factor)
causes of B12 anemia
dietary deficiancy
lack of intrinsic factor
causes of folic acid deficiency anemia
drug induced
(antiepileptic meds, OC, sulfasalazine)
tx folate deficiency
po folic acid 1mg daily
tx for 4 months or longe
causes of anemia of chronic dz
chronic infection
chronic inflammation
etoh liver disease
tx of anemia of chronic dz
transfusion of EPO
(Epogen, Procrit)

Darbepoeitin (Arenesp) decrease frequency of dosing; lasts longer