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thrombolytics are ______ that act on ______ to form plasmin
proteins; plasminogen
Plasmin _____ fibrin (protein backbone of clot)resulting in _____ of clot
cleaves; dissolving
pt with thrombolytic stroke must be administered thrombolytics within _____ minutes from the time they enter the ____
30; ER
examples of thrombolytics
streptokinase (Streptase)
anistreplase ( Eminases)
Alteplase (Activase, t-PA)
Reteplase (Retavase)
Tenecteplase (TNKase)
the peak action of Streptokinase is _____ and it's elimination half life is _____. Effects last approx ____ hours
1-2 hours; 18 minutes; 24
Streptokinase dosing for acute MI or stroke is ____ million units over ____ min
1.5; 60
streptokinase SE

if strep with in ____ months the drug is less effective
bleeding; antibody formation, thrombosis (paradoxical)

Anistreplase (Eminase) dosing is ______ infusion (over 2- __ minutes) of ____ units
it is ____ to prepare
can have _____-______ with streptokinase
rapid; 5; 30; easy; cross-reactivity
Alteplase is slightly _____ to streptokinase

_____ enhances efficacy

its superior in the tx of _____-____ MIs
superior; heparin; anterior-lateral
the two thrombolytics approved by FDA for thrombolytic stroke
streptikinase and alteplase (t-PA_
dosing of Alteplase for acute MI is _____ mg; with a ____ minute infusion
dosing for stroke is ___mg over ___ minutes
100; 90; 90; 60
Reteplase (Retavase) is similar to _______, has a ____ half-life, and it's ____ to prepair an administer
alteplase; longer; easier
Reteplase dosing is 2 ___unit dose ___ minutes apart, over ___ minutes
10; 30; 2
Tenecteplase (TNKase) dose is _____ dependent and is given as a ____ IV push
weight; single
Contrainidcation for thrombolytics
recent hemorrhagic stroke;
recent surgery
active internal bleeding
severe uncontrolled htn (r/o aneurysm/bleed)