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The classic antihistamines block which receptor selectively?
What antibody is bound to mast cells? What type of allergic reaction is this kind of histamine release?
IgE; type 1
T or f: histamine increases heart rate but decreases blood pressure thru vasodilation.
Explain the wheal and flare response to histamine (3 physical changes and what causes them)
1. Reddening of the area: vascular smooth muscle dilation
2. Edematous wheal: endothelium
3. Red irregular flare surrounding wheal: axon reflex
What's a physiologic antagonist to histamne?
The first generation H1 antagonists are more/less sedating and have more/less autonomic receptor blockade than 2nd generation.
More; more
Dramamine, benadryl, marezine, bonine, dimetane, chlor-trimenton: what are these?
1st generation H1 antagonists
T or f: the 1st and 2nd generation H1 antagonists are all topical.
F! All oral
Alleges, clairitn, clarinex, zyrtec, xyzal: what are these?
2nd generation H1 antagonists
Olopatadine, azelastine, bepotastine, levocabastine: what are these?
Topical H1 antagonists
T or f: all of the topical H1 antagonists can be used in the eye.
T or f: second generation h1 antag last longer than first
T or f: the H1 blockers work well for allergic rhinitis, urticaria, bronchial asthma and angioedema (all caused by histamine release)
F! Only first two
T or f: antihistamines can be found in cold and cough medicine, motion sickness medicine and OTC sleep aids.
T or f: histamine blockers have anti-adrenergic effects including urination and diarrhea
F!!! Anti-muscarinic: dry mouth, blurred vision, urinary retention, constipation
T or f: palpitations, nausea, headache and sedation are adverse effects of histamine blockers