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MC organisms responsible for CAP
Mycoplasma Pneumonia
S. Pnuemonia
C. Pneumonia
what percent of organisms are unidentifiable in nosocomial pneumonia?
what are the 4 leading organisms resp. for nosocomial pneumonia?
Staph Aureus 10%
Pseudomonas 8%
Enterobacter 5%
Klebsiella 4%
How long is the Tx for CAP?
5-14 days
What is the Tx for CAP with non-hospitalized patients?
Healthy with no H/O Abx: Macrolide(azithro)
H/O Abx: FQ (levoquin)

Comorbidity: FQ (levoquin)

For suspected aspiration: Augmentin or clinda(for anaerobes)
Tx for CAP in ER if pt is going to be hospitalized
FQ 750mg PO x 3 days by itself or
Macrolide(azithro) with 3rd gen.ceph(rocephin)
Tx for CAP for hosp. Pt with severe pneumonia(pseudomonal) or if coming from a nursing home
Tx for Nosocomial pneumonia with no risk factors
You can give Ticarcillin, PIPERACILLIN, 3rd gen. cephs, or FQ
Tx for Nosocomial severe pneumonia (coming from nursing home)
Piperacillin plus AG(Tobramycin)

If MRSA is suspect, give Vanco
Tx for Nosocomail pneumonia with aspiration or recent surgery
Name some Sx of the flu
Sudden onset
High fever
Dry cough
Name some Sx of the Cold
Gradual onset
No fever
Hacking cough
No headache
Stuffy nose
Sore throat
What are 2 drugs you can give to prevent the flu

Give within 2 days of symptoms
who should get the Pneumococcal vaccine?
>65 y/o
2-64 y/o with risk factors
Pregnant in 2nd or 3rd trimester
Health care workers
AIDS pts
what is lactulose for?
excretes amonia out of the body, good for hepatic encephalopathy
How do you treat UTI?
Uncomplicated cystitis:
Bactrim DS QD x 3 days

Recurrent cystitis:
2-6 week regimen
How do you treat uncomplicated Pyelonephritis?
No N/V and not immunocompromised
Bactrim 7-14 days

FQ or Augmentin
How do you treat prostatitis?
Bactrim or FQ x 4 wks

For chronic:
1-4 months
how do you treat acute cellulitis?
Nafcillin or
Describe Erysipelas
Affects superficial dermis
MC in legs and feet
Edge of infection is sharply demarcated
MCC is group A strep
Tx for Erysipelas
Erythromycin 7-10 days
Organism assoc. with necrotizing fascitis
Strep pyogenes
What is the empiric tx for necrotizing fascitis?
Rocephin plus clinda
What is the Tx for foot ulcers?
If shallow: Tx as cellulitis-Nafcillin

If deep: use broad spectrum:
Pip/Tazo 1-2 wks

If Osteo:
6-12 wks
Tx for osteomyelitis

If prosthetic joint infection:
Vanco plus rifampin 4-6 wks

Chronic 6-8 wks
How do you treat meningitis in neonates?
Tx for meningitis in a 1 month to 50 y/o
Rocephin plus vancomycin
Tx for meningitis for over 50 y/o
Rocephin plus Vanco plus amp
Tx for penetrating head trauma, post neurosurgery or CSF shunt
Vanco plus cefepime
How do you Tx meningitis from:
Strep pneumonia
Strep Agalactiae
Ampicillin 2gm q4h
how do you Tx meningitis from:
your pt has meningitis from H.Flu, how do you Tx?
If beta-lactamase neg:

If positive:
Rocephin or cefepime
What are the organisms assoc with endocarditis?
S. Aureus
What are the major risk factors of endocarditis?
Mitral valve prolapse
Prosthetic valves
IV drug abuse
What are the possible complications of endocarditis?