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parasympathtic fibers arise from
corticospinal region
sympathetic fibers arise from
thoracocolumbar region
description of parasympathetic fibers
a preganglionic fiber connects to the vertbrae, and, outside the spinal cord, a postganglionic fiber leads from the preganglionic fiber to glands or smooth muscle
description of sympathetic fibers
a short preganglionic fiber connects to a long postganglionic fiber
nicotinic receptors
stimulates acetycholine at parasympathetic terminal sites
all muscarinic receptors are _
G protein linked (has a polypeptide chain that crosses the cell membrane)
Neuromuscular blockers are classified as
alpha sympathetic receptors are found on ___
peripheral blood vessels, and cause vasoconstriction
--used in decogestants
B- adrenergic receptors
are found on airway smooth muscle, and on the heart
Direct vs. indirect sympathetic stimulation
direct=stimulation resulting from innervation
indirect=sympathetic stimulation resulting from release of cathecholamines
Pulmonary circulation
innervated by sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, receives venous circulation, critical for gas exchange
Bronchial circulation
innervated by sympathetic nerves, arterial supply that perfuses lung tissue
Ultra short acting bronchodilators
epinephrine, isoproterenol,isoetharine
Short acting bronchodilators
Metaproterenol, terbutaline, albuterol, biruterol, pirbuterol, levalbuterol
Sympathomimetic bronchodilators are all____
Either cathecholamines or derivatives of cathecholamines
Epinepherine is used
both by inhalation and subcutaneously
Saliginens have a modification at the ___
Carbon 3 site
Resorcinols have a modification at the
Carbone 4 site
Inhalation is the preferred route for administering beta adrenergics
1. Onset is rapid
2. small doses
3. direct delivery
4)inhalation is painless
Adverse side effects to beta adrenergics
1) tremor
2)cardiac effects
is a derivative of atropine
tiotropium bromide
-quaternary ammonium compound
-receptor selectivity for m1 and m3
quaternary ammonium derivatives of atropine