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True of nitrous except...
a - flammable
b - supports combustion
c - heavier than air
d - has no odor
e - always given in mixture with 02
a - flammable
Pharmacological effect of nitrous oxide
a - relaxation
b - antiinflammatory
c - extrapyramidal syndrome (EPS)
d - general anesthesia
e - none of the above
a - relaxation
The depressant effects of this intravenous agent are mediated through the mu-opioid receptor within the CNS
a - fentanyl
b - ketamine
c - midazolam
d - propofol
e - thiopental
a - fentanyl
Surgeon who demonstrated ether at harvard?
a - Will Morton
b - horace wells
c - dr crawford long
d - joseph priestly
e - john c warren
e - john warren
Harford CT dentist who proposed NO would prevent dental pain?
a - will morton
b - horace wells
c - crawford long
d - joseph priestly
e - john warren
b - horace wells
mechanism of general anesthesia caused by propofol (diprivan) is through binding to mu-opioid receptors in CNS?
T or F
this agent is an antagonist to dopamine, and is used to prevent vomiting in general anesthetic syndrome
a - sevoflurane
b - glycopyrolate
c - droperidol
d - lorazepam
e - naloxone
c - droperidol
The mechanism of hypnosis caused by flurazepam is occupancy of benzodiazepine receptors to enhance affinity of gaba recptors for gaba
T or F
The following benzodiazepines are all indicated for use as hypnotics rather than anti-anxiety except?
a - alprazolam
b - midazolam
c - tempazepam
d - flurazepam
e - triazolam
a - alprazolam (xanax)
If your patient was taking buspirone, they would be taking what kind of drug?
A - barbituate hypnotic
b - benzodiazepine anti-anxiety
c - benzodiazepine hypnotic
d - non-benzodiazepine anticonvulsant
e - non-benzodiazepine anti-anxiety agent
e - non-benzo anti-anxiety
Benzodiazepines cause all of the following except..
a - reduce anxiety
b - reduce seizures in epileptics
c - block pain of migraine
d - relax skel muscles
e - cause sleepy (sedation)
c - block migraine pain (they DONT do this)
This agent inhibits acid production in stomach by inhibiting proton pump
a - ranitidine (zantac)
b - metronidazole (flagyl)
c - misoprostol (cytotec)
d - omeprazole (prilosec)
e - atropine
d - omeprazole (prilosec)
This drug, used to treat GERD, is a histamine type 2receptor antagonist
a - cimetidine
b - metronidazole
c - misoprotosol
d - omeprazole
e - atropine
a - cimetidine
true for carbamazepine as an antiepileptic except...
a - highly effective in complex partial seizure
b - associated with causing Heart failure
c - causes aplastic anemia
d - long term use requires montitoring w/ blood test
e - has caused thrombocytopenia
b - assoc with HF (it is NOT)
true for phenobarbital as an antiepileptic except...
a - causes ginigival hyperplasia
b - causes sedation early on in tx
c - effective in tx-ing simple partial
d - interacts with many drugs to increase metabolism
e - effective in treating tonic-clonic seizures
a - causes ginival hyperplasia (it does NOT)
a - amitriptyline
b - nortriptyline
c - fluoxetine
d - nefazodone
e - bupropion
c - fluoxetine (PROZAC)
Dopamine/NE reuptake inhibitor
a - amitriptyline (elavil)
b - nortriptyline (pamelor)
c - fluoxetine (prozac)
d - nefazodone (serzone)
e - buproprion (wellbutrin)
e - buproprion
which classification of antidepressants has precautions advised with the use of vasoconstrictor?
a - SSRIs
b - Dopamine/NE reuptake inhibitor
c - MAOIs
d - all of the above
c- MAOis
the mechanism of antimicrobial action of alcohol
a - has detergent like effects on membrane
b - denature/precipitates proteins
c - released iodine to oxidize essential enzymes
d - acts by alkylation to destroy essential enzymes
e - releases hydroxyl radicals to destroy essential lipids
b - denatures/precips proteins to cause death
Best describes use of topical gelfoam in dentistry?
a - to produce shrinkage/retraction of gingiva
b - produce topical anesthetic on oral mucosa
c - antiseptic intracanal medication
d -oral mucosal antiseptic
e - adjunct to provide hemostsis in oral/dental surgery
e - adjunct to provide hemostasis in oral/dental surgery
Of the antihistamines, this causes MOST sedation
a - loratadine
b - fexofenadine
c - certirizine
d - diphenhydramine
d - diphenhydramine (benadryl)
This antihistamine works by inhibiting release of histamine from basophils and mast cells
a - cromolyn
b - diphenhydramine
c - chlorpheniramine
d - certirizine
a - cromolyn
used as primary agent in management of bipolar disorder
a - haloperidol
b - chlorpormazine
c - lithium
d - olanzepine
e - risperidone
c - lithium
an antipsychotic drug indicated for tx of schizophrenia
a - droperidol
b - olanzepine
c - diazepam
d - lithium
e - methadone
b - olanzepine
which is a non-benzodiazpine hypnotic?
a - triazolam
b - temazepam
c - zolpidem
d - flurazepam
c - zolpidem (ambien)