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the disease of kings
what are some of the products in our diet to avoid due to increased uric acid production?
red meat
red wine/chiante
what is the MC area that gout effects?
great toe
in addition to having GOUT, what other disease process could cause a patient to have hyperurecemia?
CA: patients undergoing chemo tend to have increased uric acid levels
what is the MOA of colchicine
binds to microtubules causing depolymerization
your patient is having an acute gouty arthritis attack. how would you dose colchicine?
.6mg every hour until they have diarrhea + an NSAID for pain
what are the adverse effects of colchicine?
GI: n/v/d
bone marrow suppression in long term use
what is the MOA of allopurinol?
purine analog that inhibits xanthine oxidase
what is allopurinol used for?
-and prophylactically in CA patients who will undergo chemo
-renal disease
what are the adverse effects of allopurinol?
which drug increases the excretion of urate?
uricosuric agents:
what is the NSAID of choice for GOUT?
p comes into the ER with an acute gouty attack how will you treat?
indomethacin 75mg one time
q 6 hours x 3 days. then PRN
if your patient with an acute gouty attack comes into ER but is allergic to NSAIDS what is your alternative?
tylenol extra strength 500mg or tramadol. (anti-inflamm. only)