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BRIEF episode of abnormal electrical activity in nerve cells of brain may be a single event
What is a seizure
A type of seizure that includes spasmodic contractions of involuntary muscles; tonic-clonic
What is a convulsion
Epilepsy, Head Trauma, Fever, Metabolic Disorders, and Brain tumors all cause this
What is a seizure
stiffening of the limbs during a seizure
What is the Tonic Phase
jerking of the limbs and face during a seizure
What is the Clonic Phase
This class of drugs can be used to treat neuropathic pain, bipolar disorder, and migraines
What are anti-seizure meds
Control Seizure activity without severe adverse effects
Single drug therapy is BEST
Choice of drug is determined largely by type of seizures
What are the main goals of therapy in anti-seizure drugs
Anti-Seizure drug that supresses Na influx
What is a Hydantoin
CNS Depression, Respiratory Depression, Cardiovascular, Severe Skin Rashes
What are the signs of drug toxicity in anti-seizure meds?
imbalance in acetycholine (increased)
and decreased dopamine
What is the etiology of Parkinson's Disease
You would take a drug from this class if you were experiencing EPS, or were under 60 years old and experiencing tremors due to Parkinson's Disease
What are Anticholinergic Drugs
This drug increases dopamine conc. by increasing dopamine release, decreasing reuptake, blocking the enzymes that degrade dopamine, and stimulating post-synaptic receptors (agonists)
What are Dopaminergic Drugs
This drug is the prototype of the Dopaminergic drugs, is the precursor to dopamine synthesis, but must be given in very large doses and wears off quicker as disease progresses
What is Levodopa (L-Dopa,Laradopa)
Administration of an antigen to induce antibody formation
Active Immunity (Immunization/Vaccination)
Administration of a serum from immune people provide short term immunity; they DO NOT stimulate the immune system
What is Passive Immunity (Immunization/Vaccination)
Bad Foreign Substance
Erosion of the Lining of the stomach or duodenum caused by acid-mucous imbalance or possibly by the bacteria H.pylori
What is a Peptic Ulcer