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DMPPaction and sites
nicotinic selective agonist, with predominately adrenal response (sympathetic), raises BP
ACh action and sites
agonist of muscarinic and nicotinic receptors, with greater affinity for muscarinic; acts on endothelial cells of vasculature, drops BP
carbachol action and sites
same as acetycholine, but not hydrolyzed, so longer acting, allowing for greater expression of nictonic effects, drops BP
carotid occlusion effects
reflex activation of SNS and adrenal release of catecholamines, raises BP
Epi action and sites
alpha and beta agonist, with greater affinity for beta (=> widening pulse pressure as concentration falls), raises BP
Histamine action and sites
H1 and H2 widely distributed, vasodilation, acting on endothelial cells, drops BP
isoproterenol action and sites
non-selective beta agonist, drops BP
McN-A-343 action and sites
M1agonist, raises BP (initial downswing possibly due to M3 stimulation)
NE action and sites
alpha 1 and beta 1 agonist (contrast with non-selective beta response of Epi), raises BP
Phenylephrine action and sites
selective alpha agonist, raises BP (long acting)
pilocarpine action and sites
muscarinic agonist, similar to ACh and carbachol, lowers BP
tyramine action and sites
indirect sympathomimetic amine; increases BP (not active in adrenal system)
atropine action and sites
muscarinic antagonist
vagal stimulation action
slows/stops heart, drops BP
bretylium action and sites
prevents release of catecholamines from sympathetic nerve terminals; does not affect medulla
botulinus toxin action and sites
prevents release of ACh at all cholinergic synapses
chlorpheniramine action and sites
H1 antagonist (note it reduces but does not block histamine because H2 effect continues unabated)
cocaine action and sites
blocks amine uptake pump in sympathetic nerve terminals
phentolamine action and sites
blocks alpha adrenergic receptors
propranolol action and sites
non-selective beta adrenergic blocker (not good for asthmatics)
ranitidine action and sites
H2 antagonist (note it reduces but does not block histamine because H1 effect continutes unabated)
reserpine action and sites
depletes catecholamines in PNS and CNS
trimethaphan action and sites
antagonist of ganglionic nicotinic receptors
blocks alpha adrenergic receptors
atropine-like blockade of muscarinic, plus the quaternary nitrogen antagonizes ganglionic nicotinic receptors
astemizole sites and actions
antagonizes H1, only partially blocking histamine
classical amine-uptake blocker
prazosin sites and effects
alpha blocker
alpha and beta blocker