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Dosing for Clindamycin?
150-300mg qd
Erythromycin dosing;
250-500mg bid
Tetracycline dosing;
500mg bid
Doxycycline dosing;
100-200mg qd
Antivirals indication;
Reduce severity/duration of herpes.
Antivirals MOA;
Inhibits viral DNA reproduction.
Antivirals Contraindications;
Antivirals Side Effects;
Burning & itching
Zovirax (Acyclovir) Dosing;
5% (3 or 15gm tubes) apply to AA 5 X's a day for 7 days.
Denavir (Penciclovir) dosing;
Apply to AA q 2hrs X 4 days.
Avreva (Docosanol) dosing;
(antiviral) (OTC)
10% apply 5x a day for up to 10 days.
Scabicides/Pediculicides Indication;
Lice or scabies
Scabicides/Pediculicides MOA;
Acts on nerve cell membranes to cause paralycis of the parasite.
Scabicides/Pediculicides condraindications;
Scabicides/Pediculicides Side Effects;
Nix Dosing;
Wash hair, put on for 10 mins. rinse.
Elimite (Permethrin) dosing;
Apply from neck down leave on 8-12 hrs. Over night.
Ovide (malathion) dosing;
Apply to dry hair leave on 8-12hrs wash. Repeat in 1 week.
Anthralin MOA;
controls the extra-rapid growth of skin cells
Anthralin dosing;
Apply very small amt to AA after 15-20 min wash off.
Anthralin side effects;
Skin staining, burning, itching & tenderness.
Dovonex (Calcipotriene) MOA;
Synthetic Vit D analog, regulates skin cell production.
Dovonex (Calcipotriene) indication;
Dovonex (Calcipotriene)Contraindication;
Dovonex (Calcipotriene)Dosing;
Apply thin layer bid
Dovonex (Calcipotriene)Side effects;
Burning itching, rarely skin atrophy, folliculitis.
Methotrexate Indication;
Methotrexate MOA;
Inhibits DNA synthesis, anteneoplastic.
Methotrexate Contraindication;
Hypersensitivity, severe renal or liver dz, bone marrow suppression, AIDS, pregnancy, breast feeding.
Methotrexate dosing;
2.5-5mg q12hrs three times a week.
Methotrexate Side Effects;
Nausea, vomiting, rash, leucopenia, renal failure.
Antifungals MOA;
Inhibits fungal cell wall formation.
Antifungals dosing;
Apply 1-2 times per day for 3-4 weeks
Antifungals Side effects;
Examples of antifungals;
Lotrimin, Lamisil, Nizoral, Tinactin, Penlac, Spectozole.