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Progestin only
- Depo-provera = injection
- Mini pill = breast feeding
- IUD- you know
Estrogen Component of "all " combination pills
- Ethinyl Estradiol
- synthetic derivative of 17-B estradiol
- increased bioavailability due to decreased first pass metabolism in the liver
Mechanism of action for pills and the such
- inhibition of ovulation via negative feedback inhibition
- Alter oocyt ternsport
- alter cervical mucous and sperm transport (progestin)
Estrogen side effects
- nausea
- weight gain
- hypertension
- thromboembolism
- stroke
Progestin side effects
- acne
- weight gain
- breast tenderness
- depression/fatigue
- increase LDL/decrease HDL
- hypertension
Progestin only indicated if-
- breast feeding
- older than 35
- smoke
- high BP
- overweight
- history of blood clots
Mechanisms of Progestin only contraceptives
- Inhibit ovulation (LH)
- alter cervical mucus and sperm transport
- alter uterine endometrium
- need continuous exposure
- good postpartum contraceptives during breastfeeding
Postcoital Emergency Cnontraception
- high dose of progestin alone or estrogen and progestin within 120 hrs of unprotected sex
- 75-89% effective within 72hrs
- 95% effective within 24 hours
Drug Interactions that may decrease OC efficacy
- Ampicillin
- tetracyclines
- carbamazepine
- phenytoin
- barbituates
- metronicazole
- rifampicin
- St. john's wort (herbal supplement)