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A drug
any substance, except food, that can affect living processes.
the study of drugs - their use, origin, chemistry, and interaction with living organisms.
what happens to a drug after it is administered.
drug absorption
the movement of a drug from its site of administration into the circulatory fluids.
the fraction of a drug that reaches the unaltered and becomes available to the target tisssue.
Oral-Gastrointestinal administration
Intravenous administration
administered directly into the blood stream via the vein
Intramuscular administration
injected into the body of a muscle.
Subcutaneous administration
injected into the tissue
Intradermal or intracutaneous administration
injection of drug into outer layers of skin above the subcutaneous tissue
Intraperitoneal administration
used in renal dysfuntion
Intrapleural administration
injected into the chest cavity
Intraspinal administration and Epidural
injected into the cerebrospinal fluid
Intracardiac administration
injected into the ventricular cavity
Intrasynovial (intra-articular) administration
injection of a drug into the joint space
Topical administration
administered by applying it to the skin surface.