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where is serotonin found in the body
90% in GI tract in enterochmmaffin cells & in neurons in the CNS
How does serotonin induce vomiting
serotonin triggers the CTZ (chemo-trigger zone) or vomiting center directly in the Area Postrema in brain stem on the floor of 4th ventricle where BBBis incomplete
how does serotonin cause migraine headaches
massive release of serotonin causes vasoconstriction when the smooth muscle of the vessl fatigues it looses all tone pain results from compression of srrounding tissue by blood vessel
how does serotonin affect sleep cycle
raphe nucleus - largely serotonergic
pineal gland - melatonin ( metabolite of 5HT
explain the synthesis of serotonin
L-Tryptophan in presence of o2,tetrahydorpteridine & tryptophan hydoxylase = L-5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan w/ vit B6 & L-aromatic amino acid decarboxylase = 5-Hydroytryptamine (serotonin)
how many serotonin receptor subtypes are there
14 (5HT1 - 5Ht7 and sub types)
all serotonin receptors belong to g-protein family except which one & what family does it belong to
5HT3 ionophore (nonselective Na+ & K+)
what response will stimulation of the followinf serotonin subtypes yield:
5-HT1a,b =increase K+ conductance (hyperpolarize cell)
5-HT2a = decrease K+ conductase (slow depolarization)
5HT3 = Gating Na+ & k+ ( fast depolarization)
5HT4 = decrease K+ conductase - ( slow depolarization)
in anesthesia what 5HT3 drug is used for its antiemetic property
Ondansetron (Zofran)
Buspar works on what receptor, has what action, & treats what disorder
5HT1a, partial agonist, treats anxiety & depression
Sumatriptan (imitrex) works on what receptor to treat what
5HT1d, treat migraines
Trazadone & Risperidone affect what recptor and treat what conditions
5HT2a,2c, treat migraines, depression, & schizophrenia
SSRI affect what receptor
5HT transporter they inhibit the reuptake of serotonin @ synaptic cleft
explain what recurrent collaterals are and their function
part of the axon that curves back to dendrite of same cell as signal travels down the axon part of the signal travel down R.collateral backto dendrite where signal is recieved & hyperpolarizes membrane so next signal does not reach treshold and is inhibited
do platlets naturally synthesize serotonin on their surface
no platlets use pumps to pick it up from surrounding blood stream
what type of receptor does 5HT3 resemble
nicotinic it is excitatory in nature
explain the role that serotonin plays in coagulation
vascular injury =>
initial platelet aggregation => release of 5HT =>
1)5HT2a - accelerate platlet aggregation => thrombus =>
2)5HT1 - release NO - vasodilation
3)5HT2a - vasoconstriction
all lead to vascular occlusion
what are the functions of serotonin in the body
vomit center
sleep, cognition, mood, sensory preception
GI stimulant and inhibitor
platlet aggregation, vasoconstriction