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Give the equation for V_m
V_in - V_out = Mernst equation
describe the Na/Ca exchanger
pumps out one Ca for 3 Na
what are the two types of important K channels?
1. voltage independent leak channels
2. voltage gated delayed rectifier channels
what two types of secretory vesicles are found at the nerve terminals?
1. clear-core vesicles
2. dense-core vesicles
what do clear core vesicles secrete?
- secrete small organic NTs (ACh, GABA, glycine, glutamate)
- for fast transmission
what do dense core vesicles secrete?
peptide or amine NTs
- involved in slow, modulatory or distant signaling
list the SNARE proteins
v-SNARE (e.g. synaptobrevin)
t-SNARE (e.g. syntaxin,, and SNAP-25)
how does C. botulinum toxin work>?
produces proteases that cleave synaptobrevin. Prevents fusion step of exocytosis
what is synaptotagmin?
a Ca sensor