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To drink, take (a beverage)
for the show, performance
para la funcio'n
to comment on the drawings
comentar sobre los dibujos
to see an exhibit
ver una exposicio'n
to dance
to a dance
a un baile
listen to the orchestra
escuchar la orquesta
to converse
to stand in line
hacer cola
to the cafe
al cafe'
to see a movie, film
ver una peli'cula
to the theater
al teatro
to admire the works of art
admirar las obras de arte
to the classical music concert
al concierto de mu'sica cla'sica
to chat
to the rock concert
al concierto de rock
to a birthday party
a una fiesta de cumplean'os
to the variety show
al especta'culo de variedades
for the showing of a movie
para la sesio'n
to meet the guests
conocer a los invitados
to get, obtain tickets
conseguir entradas
to tell jokes
contar chistes
to the cultural center
al centro cultural
to reserve the seats
reservar los asientos
to a social gathering
a una reunio'n
to admire the paintings
admirar las pinturas
to criticize the portraits
criticar los retratos
to get together
to meet the host
conocer al anfitrio'n
to a club
a un club
to the museum
al museo
to attend a lecture
asistir a una conferencia
in the box office
en la taquilla
to buy tickets
comprar entradas
to the movie theater
al cine
to the jazz concert
al concierto de jazz
to see a play
ver una obra de teatro
to a fancy party
a una fiesta de gala