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It is not advisable for a woman to exercise during pregnancy. True or False?
It is recommended for women past their ______ trimester to not do exercises in which they have to lay on their back.
First Trimester
Women are supposed to exercise during pregnancy most, if not all days of the week. True or False?
What does the ACOG stand for?
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
What are the three best exercises for women to partake in?
Cycling, Walking, and Swimming
Strength and resistance training is recommended during pregnancy, as long as they are using bands and other techniques not heavy weights. True or False?
Avoid exercise in _______ type of weather during pregnancy.
What are five recommendations for working out in cold weather?
1.) Layer Clothing
2.) Avoid overheating
3.) Avoid overexposure
4.) Protect Exposed Parts
5.) Work with the Wind
A life-threatening condition in which body temperature drops to a dangerously low level. Medical attention should be sought immediately.
Exercising in the _____ makes the body work harder than exercising in the ______.
Heat, Cold
A life-threatening condition in which the body temperature rises to a dangerously high level.
What are five tips for exercising in the heat?
1.) Wear loose clothing
2.) Wear light colors
3.) Do not wear vinyl or rubber sweat suits
4.) Stop exercising at the first sign of heat illness
5.) Drink plenty of fluids
What two types of exercises would be most beneficial towards developing bone mass in older adults?
Walking and Weight Training
The term dysmenorhea is known as what?
Painful Menstruation
Ballistic Movements in pregnancy should be avoided. True or False?
Exercising longer than an hour will lower ones libido. True or False?
Over training can lead to what two things?
1.) Exhaustion
2.) A weaker immune system
Involuntary leakage of urine is called what?
Stress Incontinence
_____ are used amongst athletes to build muscles while _____ is used to mask fatigue.
1.) Anabolic Steroids
2.) Amphetamines