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Define 'Conscious Raising'
increased awareness about self & health
Define 'dramatic relief'
changing how you feel about your behaviours, health or self
define social libertation
recognizing the alternatives for change and solutions to problem behaviour
define self reevaluation
assessing the impact of current behaviours & changes on self & health
define environmental reevaluation
assessing the impact of ones current behaviour on the environment and others
list the 'behavioural processes' to change
1) self liberation
3)stimulus control
4)reinformcement management
5)helping relationships
define self-liberation
thoughts & actions which increase one's commitment to change. "I tell myself that I can choose to eat more fruits & vegetables or not"
define counterconditioning
substitution of new positive behaviour for old. "whenever I drink coffee I want something sweet to go with it so now I bring a healthy snack.
define stimulus control
recognizing, controlling or avoiding anti-exercise stimuli. "I don't stand next to the dessert table at social events"
define reinforcement management
building in reward for behavioural change. "I reward myself with a dinner out once a week now that I've quit smoking"