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Who makes national military policy decisions?
Civilians assigned to the military and the executive and legislative branches of government
What establishes the basic principle of civilian control of the Armed forces?
The US constitution
As the commander in Chief, the President has the final command authority. How is the authority limited?
He or She is subject to Checks and Balances of the legislative and Judicial branches
What did the National Security Act of 1947 establish?
Who formulates general defense policies concerning the DOD and executes approved policy as the principle defense policy advisor to the president?
Secratary of Defense
To whom does the SECDEF provide written policy guidance?
The heads of DOD components, Chirman, Secretaries of the military departments and commanders of the combat commands
The operational chain of command runs from the President to the SECDEF to the__________
Combat Commanders
What is the DOD's function?
to maintain and employ the Armed Forces
What is the most important advisory body working directly with the SECDEF?
The Armed Forces Policy Council
In what areas does the Armed Forces Policy Council assist the SECDEF?
Matters requiring a long-ranged view and formulating broad defense policy
Name the 4 under secretaries of Defense
personnel and readiness
Acquisition and Technology
Name 3 special agencies that provide staff assistance to the SECDEF
*Defense threat Reduction Agency
*Security Service
*Defense Logistics Agency
Who is the priciple military advisor to the president, national Security council and the SECDEF?
The Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff
How is the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff selected?
The president selects and appoints the CJCS from the officers of the regular compnents of the ARMED FORCES
The Chairman Joint Chief of Staff holds the grade of a General and outranks any armed forces officer