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What is goal of WFI?
Improve quality of life of all uniformed personnel.
Normal firefighting tasks fall w/in what range of METS?
9 to 12 METS (31.5 to 42 ml/kg/min)
All aerobic capacity evaluation results must be recorded in __?
Milligrams of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min)
Leading type of line-of-duty injury in fire service?
Sprains and strains
Most prevalent line-of-duty injury leading to premature departure from fire service?
Back injury
Most important nutrient?
There are how many vitamins needed by humans?
2 categories of vitamins?
Water-soluble (B's & C)
Fat-soluble (A,D,E,K)
Minerals required in amounts greater than ___ milligrams per day are considered major minerals.
What are the major minerals?
Calcium, phosphorous, sodium, chloride, and magnesium
Define calorie
Amount of energy expended in raising temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celcius
There are ___ amino acids found in the body; ___ of which are essential.
20; 8
___ is the only form of carbohydrate that can be used directly for energy.
Glucose is converted to ____ in the liver and muscles.
What are some types of polyunsaturated fats?
Corn, Safflower, and sunflower oils
Name some monounsaturated fats
peanut, canola, and olive oils
What is the difference b/w polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in relation to cholesterol?
Poly - Lowers LDL & HDL
Mono - Lowers LDL & keeps HDL stable
What are the recommended cholesterol levels?
Total - 200 mg/dl
HDL - Greater than 40 mg/dl
LDL - Less than 100 mg/dl
To lower the risk of chronic disease, engage in at least ___ minutes of ___ intensity physical activity ___ days of the week.
30 min; moderate; most
Total fat intake should be b/w what %'s of daily calories?
No more than __% of calories should come from saturated fat.
Consume less than ___ mg of choleterol per day.
Consume less than ___ mg of sodium per day.
6 topics of MyPyramid Food Guidance System & their symbols
1. Activity (person climbing)
2. Moderation (narrowing)
3. Personalization (my)
4. Proportionality (widths)
5. Variety (colors)
6. Gradual (Steps)
What is the best way to lose weight?
Reduce caloric intake
Energy sources:
- 3 to 4 sec.
- up to 20 sec.
- after 20 to 45 sec.
- after 2 min.
3-4 sec. - ATP
up to 20 sec. - Phosphocreatine
after 20 to 45 sec. - Anaerobic
after 2 min. - Aerobic
3 components to overall energy needs
- Basel metabolic
- Physical activity
- Thermic effect of food
Biggest determination of BMR
Lean body mass
Calorie needs peak at what age?
Calorie needs decline by __ % every 10 years.
Physical activity accounts for ___ to ____ % of energy needs.
15 to 30%
Thermic effect of food accounts for ___ % of energy needs