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The security classification you assign to naval correspondence is determined by which of the following factors?
The information contained in the correspondence
When writing a naval letter, you should ensure it is well organized and orderly. Which of the following methods is NOT in the correct order?
Stating explanations before anwers
After a naval message has been prepared and signed by the drafter, which of the following persons releases the message?
The delegated releasing officer
. To save words, clarify ideas, and provide balance when you wish to express two or more equally important ideas in a sentence, you should use whcich of the following types of sentence construction?
Parellel sentences
When organizing a naval letter, what information should you include in the first paragraph
Purpose of the letter
who is responsible for the selection of a message precedence
When assigning precedence to a message, which of the following factors should you consider?
Importance of the subject and Desired delivery time
. An endorsement may be placed on the signature page of a naval letter under which of the following circumstances
The space on the signature page of the basic letter is sufficient to accomodate the entire endorsement
A naval message should be used instead of a NAVGRAM under which of the following circumstances?
The communication is urgent and speed is of primary importance
Paragraphs in a naval letter should be short and contain roughly what maximum number of sentences?
4 to 5
. Messages addressed to address indicating groups (AIGs) would most likely contain which of the following types of information
Destructive storm warnings
Who is responsible for the proper addressing of messages?
A message is released at 1930 hours Greenwich Mean Time on 2 January 1991. What is the correctly stated date-time group (DTG) assigned to the message?
021930Z JAN 91
. Standard subject identification codes (SSICs) provide which of the following standard systems throughout the Navy
Which, if any, of the following classified material does not require controlled routing?