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Who has the promotion authority for the following grades? E1-E4,E5-E6,E7-E9?
E1-E4, Company Commander, E5-E6, Battalion Commander, E7-E9, Department of the Army
What does the code BAH stand for on the LES?
Basic Allownace for Housing.
Who receives BAH?
Personnel authorized to resied off post.
What determines the amount of BAH a service member receives?
Zip Code where the service member lives.
What are the two types of overseas tours?
Long tour, Short tour.
What does the term Direct Deposit mean?
Check option to bank of choice.
Where is the DD Form 93 maintained?
DA Form 201.
What regulation governs promotions?
AR 600-8-19.
How many TDY days do you acquire in a year?
Which of the personnel files are maintained locally?
Who is normally the president of a local promotion board?
Command Sergeant Major of Battalion/Brigade
What is a DA form 268?
A suspension of favorable personnel actions.
What does the term ASI stand for?
Additional Skill Identifier.
What does NCOES stand for?
Noncommissioned Officer Education System.