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What AXIS does personality disorders fall?
AXIS II, because disorder have lifelong patterns w/no period of remission
There are 3 clusters of personality disorders. What falls under cluster A?
How are cluster A personalities described?
Odd or peculiar behaviors
Describe further paranoid, cluster A, personality:
long-standing suspiciousness and mistrust of people in general
Describe further schizoid, cluster A, personality:
No interpersonal skill: lifelong pattern of social withdrawal; constricted affect; seen as eccentric, isolated or lonely.
Describe further schizotypal, cluster A, personality:
strikingly odd or strange even to lay person; magical thinking; illusions
There are 3 clusters of personality disorders. What falls under cluster B?
How are cluster B personalities described?
Flamboyant or dramatic behavior
Describe further antisocial, cluster B, personality:
continual antisocial or criminal acts, but it is not synonymous with criminality; inability to conform to social norms; apathy, lack remorse
Describe further borderline, cluster B, personality:
unstable affect, mood, behavior, relationships and self-image; paranoid, self-destructive, self-mutilating. May approach schizophrenia
Describe further histrionic, cluster B, personality:
colorful, dramatic, extroverted behavior in excitable emotional persons. Inability to maintain deep, long-lasting attachments
Describe further narcississtic, cluster B, personality:
heightened sense of self-importance, grandiose feelings that they are unique
There are 3 clusters of personality disorders. What falls under cluster C?
Obsessive cupulsive
How are cluster C personalities described?
Anxiety or fear
Describe further avoidant, cluster C, personality:
extreme sensitivity to rejection, which may lead to a socially withdrawn life; not asocial, shy. Want relationship, but want guarantees; referred to as having an inferiority complex
Describe further dependent, cluster C, personality:
subordinate their own needs to others; get others to assume responsibility for major areas of their lives; lack self-confidence; may feel uncomfortable if alone
Describe further Obsessive-compulsive, cluster C, personality:
Emotional constriction, orderliness, perserverance, stubborness, indecisiveness; pervasive pattern of perfectionism and inflexibility