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What is peronalaity?
The sum total of:
enduring patterns of perception, cognition, and action in the interpersonal world. A habitual and predictable style of thinking, feeling, and acting, arising from the integration of constitution, early life experience, development, and interpersonal, social, and cultural influences.”
What is temperament?
Inborn mood state
What is character?
qualities that reflect indiv's attitud about life (social & moral values)
What is Social COnstruction?
How person relates to the world - culture-dependant, interactive btwen indiv & environ
What is a personality disorder?
“A chronically maladaptive pattern of interpersonal functioning; habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action that repeatedly result in significant social impairment and/or personal distress.”
Define conceptualization
And adaptive response to early events in which the indiv doen't yet have coping skils for
What "ID"
Basic want - pleasure principle
What's "Ego"
Creative ways of getting needs met - mediates internal vx ext worlds
Whats Superego
Social values/morals
Define Splitting
A primitive was to oragnize experiecne - black & white without intergration of components
The 3 levels of personality organiztation
Psychotic level (safety)
Neurotic (Attunement)
Different developmental theories & who they're attributed to:
Winnicott: Good enough mothering
Kernberg: Early Disappointments
Bowlby: Attachment
What is Adlerian Theory?
Social beings (we fill roles available/birth order)
Inferiority complex, strive to uperiority as compensation
Maslow's theory?
Hierarchy of needs:
Belonging & love