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Threshold of Training
The smallest number of beats of your heart when exercising that will give you a physical benefit
Circulatory System
The bodies transportation system.
High Blood Pressure
Left Ventricle
The part of the heart that works up to 6 times harder than the other parts of the heart.
When the brain, or part of the brain does not get enough oxygen because there is not enough blood getting to it.
Target Zone
The higher number of beats that your heart needs to beat to make a difference in your physical fitness
The thin walled blood vessels that let oxygen and nutrients pass through to the body's cells.
Moderate Activity
The amount of physical activity that is the same as walking fast
Vigorous Activity
The amount of activity that is needed to make your heart rate (number of beats of your heart) go up, make you breathe faster and sweat more.
Hardening of the arteries, or fat building up inside your arteries to block them so blood can't get through.
When you let air out of your body and it takes carbon dioxide out with it.
The blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.
Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart and have special valves that keep the blood flowing in one direction.