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Define service charge.
A fee the bank charges for handling a checking account
Define money market rate
the interest rate that big users of money (i.e the gov't)pay when the borrow money, varies from day to day
Define sharedrafts
checks of a member of a credit union
Define signiture card
the official record of your signature which is kept by thhe bank, the same signature must be used on each check
Define joint account
shared account between two or more people
Define deposit slip
a form on which you list all items you are depositing- currency, coins, or checks
Define endorsement
written evidence that you recieved payment or transferred your right of recieving payment to someone else
Define blank endorsement
an endorsement consisting of only the endorser's name
Define special endorsement
an endorsement which includes the name of the person to whom the check has been transferred, another name for special endorsements are full endorsements
Define restrictive endorsement
An endorsement which limits the use of the check to the purpose given in the endorsement