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Net Income
Income minus all deductions such as with holdings for taxes
A spending plan on an
estimate of an income
Flexible Expenses
Expenses that vary
in amount and frequency
Savings Account
A deposit account at a bank or
savings and loan which pays interest
but cannot be with drawn, by check
Net Worth
The difference between assets
and liabilities
Job Interview
An interview to determine
whether an applicant is suitable
for a position of employment
Credit Card
Any card that may be used
repeatedly to borrow money or buy
products and services on credit Issued by banks savings and loan, retail stores, and other buisnesses
An act of lending usually money for borrowerss' temporary use
Promise or reimbursement in the case of loss, paid people or companies, so concerned by hazards that they made prepayments to an insurance company
A summary or statement of one's education, work experience, and personal references submitted to an employer to show what you have to offer for a particular job
The general progression
of your working life
Debts owned by an individual
or a family member
Everything value that a
person or family own or owns
including money
Emergency Fund
Money put aside to help meet
unexpected needs or make unplanned purchases
Balance Sheet
A statement of assets,
liabilities, and net worth
Fixed Expenses
Expenses that must be paid
on certain dates and certain