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Describe the calamari and how it is served. What is the price?
tender strips of calamari, battered in tempura and fried until golden brown. served with sweet thai papper sauce and a lemon - $8
How many crab cakes are to an order and what is the garnish? What is the price?
3 - 2oz cakes, garnished with baby lettuce and drizzled with grain mustard remoulade sauce - $12
How much does it cost to add an extra crab cake?
$4 to add 1
How many prawns are in the shrimp cocktail? What is the price? How much does it cost to add an extra shrimp?
there are 4 (u-8) prawns (approx: 1/2 a pound) price$12, and to add an extra shrimp it costs $3
Describe Perry's Tuna Tartare.
4oz of tuna, hand chopped with avocado, tomato and baby lettuce with wasabi cream
What 2 specialty sauces are served with onion rings?
spicy thai ketchup and thai ranch
How is top drawer chili served? What are the prices of cup and bowl?
(no beans) served with house-made tort chips, and topped with cheddar cheese and chopped red onions
price: cup $6 bowl $12
What item is served with all salads?
a chilled fork
What is offered with all salads and entrees?
cracked pepper
What is our house dressing?
Perry's champagne vinegarette
List the other dressings that are offered.
blue cheese, casear, 1000, oil and vinegar, ranch, sesame soy, avocado green goddess
List all the cheeses in the spinach cheese dip. What is it topped with?
Parm, Gouda, and swiss
topped with warm tomatoes
How many ounces of chicken are on the chicken caesar?