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Vigorously brushing the hair before a permanent wave may cause:
scalp irritations
Before a permanent wave, a mild shampoo should be accompanied by:
gentle scalp manipulations
Before Starting a permanent wave, the hair is shampooed and:
towel dried
For a successful permanent wave, it is necessary to have the hair properly:
Before perming, hair should be tested for porosity and:
A method of wrapping a permanent wave that is suitable for extra long hair is the:
piggyback method
The proper way to wind the hair for a permanent wave is:
distribute hair evenly on rod and wind it smoothly and without stretching
In permanent waving, a longer processing time is usually required for hair that is:
Special perming prewrapping lotions are designed to:
equalize the hair's porosity
The main active ingredient in acid-balance waving lotions is:
glyceryl monothioglycolate
If the fastening band is twisted or stretched too tightly on permanent waving rods, it may cause:
hair breakage
In order to determine in advance how the client's hair will react to the permanent waving process, give:
a test curl
End papers used in wrapping hair ends for a permanent wave must be:
Cold waving lotion:
softens hair
A benefit derived from using an alkaline perm is:
a strong curl pattern
Always check the manufacturer's directions to see if ___________ is needed.
a plastic cap
Choosing the appropriate perm must be done:
after careful analysis
Ninety percent of the hair's total weight is due to the:
A shorter processing time in permanent waving is usually required for hair that is:
The size of the curl or wave in permanent waving is controlled by the:
size of the perm rod
Over-processing in permanent waving usually produces:
frizzy curls
Hair that readily absorbs a permanent waving solution is best described as being:
When heat is created chemically within the perm product, it is known as:
The diameter of the individual hair and it's degree of coarseness or fineness are its:
The process time for any permanent wave depends on the hair texture and its:
One reason for success in permanent waving is due to:
complete saturation of the hair with waving lotion
Permanent waving combines manual skills and a:
chemical process
Average permanent wave partings should match:
the size of the rod
When checking for an "S" pattern, the hair must be unwound:
1 1/2 turns
An important step after rinsing permanent wave lotion from the hair is:
In permanent waving, hair that is too curly when wet and frizzy when dry indicates that:
it was overprocessed
Hair may darken or break if a permanent wave lotion is applied to hair previously treated with:
a metallic tint
Winding the hair smoothly and without stretching around the perm rods allows the hair to:
expand during processing
If a permanent wave lotion accidentally drips on the skin, the cosmetologist should immediately apply:
The use of porous end papers helps to eliminate the possibility of:
The wrapping technique that involves winding the hair from the ends toward the scalp is known as:
croquignole wrapping
A very mild strength waving solution should be recommended for:
tinted hair
Greater curl in the nape area may be achieved with the:
stack method
Correct wrapping in permanent waving permits better:
The ability of hair to absorb liquids is its:
A weak or limp wave formation is the result of:
The pH of wave solutions made with ammonium thioglycolate is usually:
Protect the client's face and neck during processing with:
petroleum lotion
Acid-balanced permanent wave solutions have a pH range of:
4.5 - 6.5
In acid balanced permanent waving, damage to hair or skin is minimized because:
harsh alkalis are not used
Acid-balanced permanent wave solutions are activated by the application of:
When a perm is activated by outside heat, such as a hooded hair dryer, it is:
The ability of hair to stretch and return is its:
To allow the perming process to occur, the________ bonds must be broken.
The difference between a body wave and a perm is:
the size of the rod used
Hair that has been tinted with an ultralight shade or higher than 20 volume peroxide should be treated:
as bleached hair
Acid-balanced and neutral permanent wave lotions produce:
soft, natural looking waves