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Name 3 system resources to troubleshoot a scanner
A) Direct Memory Access (DMA) Channel
B) I/O Address
C) Interrupt Request (IRQ)
Name the most common problem with Scanners
IRQ conflicts with Network Interface and Sound cards
2 symptoms that there is an IRQ conflict between a Scanner and another device:
A) Scanner does not scan even though power is on and scanner lights are active.

B) A misaligned Scanner image on the screen.
Name 4 common Tape device problems:
A) Incorrect formatting
B) Incorrect insertion into the drive
C) Physical Damage
D) write protection
Name the most common problem with Tape drives in a Networked enrironment:
The user does not have sufficient rights to backup or restore files on the network.
Symptom: 6 short beeps on boot up:
Keyboard error: Problem with attached keyboard or the internal keyboard electronics.
Symptom: IBM compatible 301 error code:
Keyboard did not respond to software reset or a stuck key has been detected.
Symptom: Failure of characters to appear when you enter them on keyboard.
Faulty or unplugged keyboard
Incorrect characters display on screen.
Incorrect language settings
Your keyboard doesn't work. You replace it with a new keyboard and it doesn't work. What do you need to check?
You need to troubleshoot the keyboard controller. If it is faulty, you may need to replace the system board.
Name the 3 steps to service a faulty keyboard
1) remove the back cover from the keyboard.
2) Check for the presence of a fuse in the 5 volt DC supply
3) Check the fuse for continuity
True of False: You cannot hot swap a 5 pin DIN or 6 pin Mini-DIN keyboard
True - Doing so may damage the keyboard or System board.
Two steps to take when troubleshooting software or port problems for a mouse:
A) Reboot in Safe Mode

B) Check settings in CMOS setup utility.