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IS there parasympathetic innervation to extremities or the wall of the abdomen?
NO! Except for genitalia.
Describe the path of the dorsal vein.
IT goes into the true pelvis and into the venous plexus in the pelvis. It does NOT go into the iliac.
What makes the labia majora so prominent?
What is vulva? What structures make it up?
All external female genitalia. Mons pubis, labia majora and minora.
What is the mons pubis?
A deposition of fat over the pubic symphysis.
What determines the fat in the labia majora?
HOrmones, thin in prepubescent female and in post menopausal female.
What is the junction called where the labia meet posteriorly and anteriorly?
What makes up the labia minora?
NO FAT! Made of CT and skin.
Where are the labia minora located?
They line the inner surface of the labia majora.
What do the labia minora form where they meet anteriorly?
The femal pupice or a hood over the clitoris.
What can be seen just underneath the prepuce or glans of the clitoris?
The glans/shaft of the clitoris.
What is one of the functions of the labia minora in urination?
They help to direct urine, in their absence a spray of urine is achieved instead of a stream.
What is the space bounded by the labia minora called?
The vesibule
What is found within the vestibule? (4 openings one structure)
Glans of the clitoris
External urethra, vaginal orifice, and 2 orifixes of the gretare vestibular gland near the posteior edge.
What is the function of the greater vestibular gland?
To produce mucus secretions that keep the vestibule moist. Secretions increase during sexual arousal.
Describe the appearance of the vaginal orifice in both virgin and sexually active women.
Has a smooth contour in virgins but with sexual activity it tapers and becomes irregular.
What is the thin fold that projects to the lumen in a virgin vaginal orifice?
The hymen.
What is the purpose of the hymen?
Closes the vaginal orifice early in development.
How can you identify an imperforate hymen?
When there is no sluffing of blood during menstruation.
What are the small glands located along the female urethra? What do they do?
They are Skene's glandds and they release seromucous into the vestibule and urethra. (Female ejaculation?)
Where is the graffenburg spot?
Behind the pubic symphysis on the anterior wall of the vagina.
What separates the erectile bodies in the female? How is it different in males?
The bulb of the vestibule. IN males the erectile bodies are fused.
Where are the bulbousspongiousus muscles in relation to vestibule?
They are NOT in it but instead flank it.
What is the paired muscle that courses laterally/posteriorly and meets near the clitoris?
The ischiocavernosus muscle.
Where is the perineal nerve located?
In the superficial pouch.
What is just deep to the bulbousspongiousum?
The erectile body or paired bulb of the vestibule.
What is just underneath the ischiocavernosus muscle?
The crus of the clitoris (paired)
Where do the vestibular bulbs extend towards? Do they enter the shaft of the clitoris?
They extend toward the pubic symphysis and do NOT extend into the shaft of the clitoris.
Does the clitoris have a glans? How about a corpus spongiosus?
It does have a glans but there is NO corpus spongiosus because it degenerated during development.
What do the crus become in the clitoris?
The corpus cavernosa.
What gland may be found at the posterior edge of the bulb of the vestibule and just deep to the bulbospongiosus muscle?
The greater vestibular gland (Bartholin's gland)
What does the greater vestibular gland empty into?
The vestibule.
What is the action of the bulbospongiosus muscle?
IT contract to engorge the clitoris with blood and also squeezes the greater vestibular gland.
How do the clitoris and the penis differ functionally?
Male penis has many functions while the clitoris is solely for pleasure.
What forms the deepest part of the superficial perineal pouch?
The perineal membrane
What insignificant muscle that is inferior/posterior to the vaginal orifice in women do both men and women have?
The superficial transverse perineal muscle.
What is the nerve supply to the urogenital triangle? What sensory/motor elements does it innervate?
The pudendal nerve. It is motor to all muscles in the superficial and deep pouch.
WHat muscles are in the deep pouch?
The deep transverse perineal and the sphincter urethrae.
What nerve is just superior to the perineal membrane?
The dorsal nerve of the clitoris.
Where is the internal pudendal artery and what are its branches?
IT is in the deep pouch and it gives off the perineal, inferior rectal, dorsal and deep (to the crus)
What artery supplies the crus?
The deep artery from the internal pudendal
What do almost all the structures of the urogenital triangle closely associate with?
The perineal membrane.
How many bodies of erectile tissue are there in the female? How about the male?
2 in female 1 fused in male.
What muscle covers the right and left crus?
The ischiocaverosus muscle.
Where is the external urethral sphincter located?
In the deep pouch
What four muscles attach to the perineal body?
The transverse perineal muscles (Superficial and deep), the bulbospongiousis, and the external anal sphincter.