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rebelled against whom?
upper brit society
attended what school?
Eton Prepatory school
Kicked out of what school?
Why was he kicked for writing what?
On the Necessity of Atheism
antagonized dad how?
eloped with a 16 year old?
Name of woman he eloped with?
Harriet Westbrook
Fell in love with whom?
Mary Godwin, daughter of William Godwin.
Who authored Frankenstein?
Mary Shelley
Shelly and Byron form what?
A polyamerous
How did he die?
how old?
Drowned in a storm.
29 (right before his 30th)
Ozymandias about what?
life is short; art is forever
Ode to the West Wind written where?
Florence Italy
Ode to the West Wind part one about?
death (leaves die)
Ode to the West Wind part two about
Clouds affected by the west wind
Ode to the West Wind part three about
waves affected by west wind
Ode to the West Wind part five about
A Lament about
mourning the loss of sense of joy
A Dirge (a funeral) about
calling on various aspects of nature to help mourn mankinds wrongs
To a Skylark about
thought to be natures poet, the most melodious bird.