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This person puts out fires and saves buildings.
a fireman or firefighter
This person builds houses and schools and stores.
a carpenter
This person plants seeds and takes care of plants so everyone has enough to eat.
a farmer
This person delivers letters and picks up packages.
a mailman or postman or letter carrier
This person drives trucks to help move things from one part of the country to another.
a truckdriver
This person works in the schools to educate the children.
a teacher
This person takes care of sick people in a hospital.
a doctor or a nurse
This person cooks in a restaurant or bakery.
a chef or baker
This person buys things to help the economy.
a customer
This person drives buses to help people get around a city.
a bus driver
This person is in charge of a plane and helps people get from one place to another.
a pilot
This person takes care of cars and other engines.
a mechanic
This person protects the people in the town by catching criminals.
a policeman