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scientist who studies remains and fossils of once living things
What are the remains of once living things called?
What means to "uncover by digging"?
What is a small group of people called?
This is a human made object from long ago.
What is the movement of groups of people from one place to another called?
What is a cold,treeless plain with subsoil that is always frozen called?
What does domesticate mean?
to tame plants and animals for people's use
What is another word for domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs?
What is a nomad?
a person with no settled home
This is a system in which the members of a group do different tasks according to their abilities and the group's needs.
Division of Labor
What is another name for corn?
What are some of the good effects of farming?
Reliable food source; extra food for trade; people began to stay in one place; year-round villages; more complex society; division of labor
What are some of the bad effects of farming?
1)fights over land
2)need to build walls for protection
3)threats from insects, disease, and flooding
4) damage to the environment
What was the first domesticated animal?
What is the name of the continent where people appeared first?
What is the name for the first modern people?
Homo erectus
What was the name of one of the first villages to build walls?
What is something that might have been left behind by early people?
stone tool
How did agriculture help early people?
It gave them a reliable source of food.
When did people begin staying in year-round villages?
with the development of agriculture