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Chicago gangster whose illegal activities brought in millions of dollars a month during prohibition
Al Capone
wrote stories about people who were unable to find happiness in postwar society
F Scott Fitzgerald
revolutionized industry production with the assembly line
Henry Ford
wanted to make homeland in Africa
Marcus Garvey
flew from New York to Paris non-stop
Charles Lindbergh
biologist who got arrested for teaching evolution
John Scopes
Italian immagrant accused of murder
Batolomeo Vanzetti
head of the war industry board
Berdard Baruch
Italian who divided up the Ottoman Empire
George Clemenceau
radical labor kicker convicted of sedition
William Haywood
choosen by president Wilson to lead the Food Amdministration
Herbert Hoover
didnt accept peace treaty with other nations
Henry Cabot Lodge
General for Pancho Villa
JOhn J Pershing
helpded congress decide to build Panama Canal
Phillippe Bunau
ruler of Mexico for 35 years and friend to the US
Porfino Diaz
built a railroad in Costa Rica
Minor Cooper Keither
business tycoon who wanted to build a canal in Nicaragua
Corneleius Vanderbilt
rebel leader who opposed HUerta, a mexican ruler
Pancho Villa
a southern journalist that planed to start slavery in Nicaragua
William Walker
Phillipino rebel leader
Emilo Aguinaldo
commander of the US Pacif squadron who attacked the Spanish on Manilla Bay and taking over the Phillopines
George Dewey
first US foreign minister to China
Anson BUrlingame
Secretary of State who helped China
John HAy
opened trade with Japan
Matthew C. Perry
a german immagrant with a distinguished career in the us government discouraging foreign rule in other countries
Carl Schurz
Spanish military leader against Cubans
Valeriano Weyler
secretary of the Interior for Rooseveltt
Richard Balligner
soeaker of the House of Rep. who blocked progressives
Joshep Cannon
black Harvard professor
W.E.B DuBouis
leading conservationist and chief forester. Tried to teach lumber companies how to conserve
Gifford Pinchot
wrote about child labor
John Spargo
best known Afican American in the 1800's
Booker T. Washington
chief of the Bureu of Chemistry in the Department of agriculture, who was against food perservatives
HArvey W. Wiley
helped for the Nation Womens Sufferage Association
Susan B. Anothony
"fighting bob" colorful progressivist
Robert LaFollette
a womans christian temperance leader. Famous for her raids at saloons
Carrie Nation
became director of The New York State Factory Invesitgation Commision
Frances Perkins
wrote about unhealthy packaging plants
Upton Sinclair