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Q: Who proposed the first theory on the characteristics of individual atoms and particles?
John Dalton
Q: Who blasted particles through gold foil to discover that atoms had positive centers?
Ernest Rutherford
Q: Who a cathode ray tube in his experiments and developed the plum pudding model?
J.J. Thomson
Q: Which Greek philosopher called tiny particles atomos (atoms)?
a dense positive core surrounded by mostly empty space
What did this experiment suggest about the atom's structure?
In Thomson's CRT experiments
he found that no matter what metal he used or gas he used that.... he got the same result. He deduced that electrons are found in all elements.
Thomson's discoveries led to the formation of the _______ model of the atom
with electrons stuck all over a blob of positive plum pudding
Rutherford's model of the atom shows electrons orbiting the nucleus
which is why some people call it the ___ model planetary atomic model