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Squad Leader
SSG Holmes
Maint. Platoon Sgt.
SFC Peralta
Maint. Platoon Leader
CPT Ferguson
A Co. 603D First Sergeant
1SG Waltman
A Co. 603D Commander
Major Brewer
603D Battalion Sergeant Major
CSM Dawson
603D Battalion Commander
LTC Rice
Aviation Brigade Sergeant Major
CSM Stidley
Aviation Brigade Commander
COL Tuggle
CORPS Sergeant Major
CSM England
CORPS Commander
LTG Vines
FORSCOM Sergeant Major
CSM Christian
FORSCOM Commander
GEN Ellis
Sergeant Major of the Army
SMA Preston
Army Chief of Staff
GEN Schoomaker
Secretary of the Army
Hon. Brown Lee
Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff
GEN Meyers
Secretary of Defense
Hon. Donald Rumsfeld
Vice President
VP Dick Chaney
Commander in Chief
Pres. George W. Bush
What date did the Code of Conduct begin?
What date was the Code of Conduct revised
When was the position of Sergeant Major of the Army established
July 4, 1966