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al razi
chemist and physician- classified chemical substances as animal, mineral, or vegetable, wrote a medical encyclopedia
ibn sina
wrote canon of medicine, and gave advice on diet and hygiene
ibn al haytham
founded optics
ibn al nafis
discovered the principles of pulmonary circulation
al khwarzimi
father of algebra
al tusi
father of trigonometry
al idrisi
great cartograper; made many maps
made the house of qisdom
al biruni
astronomer- came up with the idea that the earth rotates on its own axis
ibn sina
philosopeher, wrote 68 books on theology
ibn rushd
most well knwon islamic philosophers
moses maimonides
wrote mishne torah (spanish jew)
al tabari
chronicler- wrote a multivolume history of the world
ibn al athir
chronicler- wrote a history of the world
ibn khaldun
examined things in a scientific way