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Discuss the importance of inverting the feet 15 degrees when doing a pelvis.
To place the femoral necks parallel with the plane of the IR.
List the criteria for evaluating an AP pelvis for rotation.
-Check distance from ASIS to tabletop on each side.
-Correct rotation of lower leg.
Describe the bilateral "frog leg" position
-Patient supine on table with both legs flexed at knees w/ thighs abducted, feet turned inward so soles touch.
-CR 1" superior to pubic symphysis
Describe the method for localizing the long axis of the femoral neck.
Line drawn between the superior margin of the pubic symphysis. Second line from point 1" inferior to greater trochanger to midpoint of previously drawn line.
Describe positioning for axiolateral projection of the hip (DM method)
-Supine, CR horizontal
-IR in crease above crest 30-35 degrees away from femur.
-Flex unaffected knee so leg is out way
-CR to femoral neck