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Biceps Femoris
1) Sacratuberous Ligament and Ischiatic tuberosity

2)Cranial border or tibia, tuber calcanei
1) Ischiatic Tuberosity

2)Proximo-cranial border of tibia and tuber calcanei
1) Ischiatic Tuberosity

2) Distal lip of caudal rough surface of femur and proximo-medial tibia
*In cat not divided into two

Cranial part
1) Crest of Illium
2) Patella

Caudal Part
1) Cranial ventral iliac spine
2) Cranial border of tibia
Quadriceps Femoris
Rectus Femoris
1) Ilium
2) tibial tuberosity

Vastus Medialis
1) Medial surface of femur
2) Tibial tuberosity

Vastus Lateralis
1) Proximal lateral lip of femur
2) Tibial tuberosity

Vastus Intermedius
1) Lateral Femur
2) Tibial tuberosity
psoas major
1)lumbar vertebrae
2)lesser trochanter

1) cranial ilium
2)lesser trochanter
Tensor Fascia Lata
1) tuber coxae
2) lateral femoral fascia
1)Pelvic Symphasis
2) Cranial tibia and tuber calcanei
1) Illiopubic eminence
2) medial lip of caudal rough lip of femur
1) Pelvic Symphasis
2) lateral lip of caudal rough surface of femur
*cat only*

1)caudal vertebrae 2-4
2)fascia lata
Superficial Gluteal
1) lateral border of sacrum
2) third trochanter
Middle Gluteal
1) Crest and gluteal surface of ilium
2) Greater trochanter
Deep Gluteal
1)Ischiatic spine
2) cranial greater trochanter
Internal Obturator
1)Pelvic symphasis
2) trochanteric fossa
1) lateral ischium
2) trochanteric fossa
Quadratus Femoris
1) Caudoventral ischium
2) intertrochanteric crest
External Obturator
1) ventral pubis/ischium
2) trochanteric fossa
Cranial Tibial
1) lateral edge of cranial tibial border
2) plantar surface of base of metatarsals 1 and 2
Long Digital extensor
1) Extensor fossa of femur
2) extensor process of distal phalanges 2-5
1)medial and lateral supracondylar tuberosities of femur

2) tuber calcanei
Superficial Digital Flexor
1) lateral supracondylar tuberosity
2) tuber calcanei and bases of middle phalanges of digits 2-5
*Cats only*

2)common calcaneon tendon
1) lateral condyle
2) proximal third of caudal tibia
Caudal Tibial
*More developed in cats*

1) Proximo medial fibula
2) medial ligament of tarsus
Deep Digital Flexor
Lateral Digital Flexor
1) Proximo caudal tibia

Medial Digital Flexor
1) proximal fibula

2)Plantar surface of base of distal phalanges