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(actual skill level)
1. body faces the target
2. arms only are swung
3. racket is held with a tight grip
4. racket is swung in a vertical plane with a chopping action
5. no foot action is involved in the movement
6. no trunk action is involved in the movement
1. body faces the target
2. arms only are swung
3. racket is swung in a horizontal plane
4. no foot action is involved in the movement
5. limited trunk rotation
1. left side of body turned toward object to be hit (right-hand striker)
2. legs apart, stepping with left leg into the striking action
3. racket held with a "shakes hand" grip
4. right wrist extended back in "cocked" position
5. right elbow lags behind during the striking action
6. trunk turns with the arm striking action, to produce added power
7. on contact, right wrist is snapped forward
8. right arm continues to follow through in the direction of the flight path
factors that influence devpt
a. sequence
b. variability and readiness
c. differentiation and integration
d. sensitive learning periods
Developmental Assesment of Striking an object with a racket (sidearm)
h= sets the limits of one's potential
e= determines extent one's potential is reached
general outcomes of phys. ed
A- activity
B- benefits health
C- cooperation
D- do it daily for life