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Essay on FEVER
MC peds complaint
85% Viral 8-15% Bacterial
<2 months: GABHS, E.coli, Listeria

Test: CBC,culture,UA,urine cx,CSF,X-Ray

2 mo-3 yrs: S.pneumo 85%, H.flu, N.meningitidis, Occult bacteremia 4%
Tests: CBC UA, culture

>6 months: Viruses; Supportive treatment
What is the leading cause of shock worldwide?
Hypovolemic: Dehydration or hemorrhage
What are early signs of compesated shock?
Increased heart rate
Poor systemic perfusion
Late signs of Decompensated shock
Weak central pulses
Altered mental status
Decreased urine output
What is the initial management of shock?
100% FIO2
ensure adequate airway/ventilation
Establish vascular access
Provide fluids
Monitor oxygen, H/R urine output
Consider vasoactive infusion (ie dopamine)
What is the initial Management of cardiopulmonary failure?
Oxygenate, ventilate, monitor
Reassess for Resp failure
Vascular access
MCC of death in children beyond the first few months of life
Trauma (MVA)
Homicide: leading cause death under 1 yr
How do you manage cardiopulm arrest?
MCC of resp collapse in kids
Asthma, bronchiolitis
Begins with a 'Herald Patch', X-mas tree rash; most likely cause is viral
Pityriasis Rosea
Pearly white umbilicated papules caused by Poxvirus
Molluscum contagiosum
Red Rose papules
Chicken Pox
What are the complications of chicken pox in adults and children?
Adults: Pneumonia
Children: Staph infection from scratching
Sickle cell inherited pattern?
autosomal recessive
Infection of skin that excludes the groin, palms, and soles
Tinea corporis
How do you treat Tinea corporis?
Topical antifungal for 2-4 weeks (lotrimin)
If severe – oral griseofulvin
How do you treat Tinea Capitis?
Griseofulvin taken orally for 8-12 weeks
Selenium sulfide shampoo may decrease the shedding of spores
How do you Diagnose Tinea corporis and Capitis?
KOH prep
How do you treat scabies?
Permethrin 5% cream entire body for 8-12 hours
Reapply in 1 week
How do you get tinea corporis?
From direct contact of infected person or animal
Erythematous pustular rash over the trunk, buttock, and legs; honey-colored crusted plaque
MCC of anemia in kids?
Iron deficiency

Age 12-24 m
Risk factors for iron def anemia?
Cow's milk
Erratic solid intake
What are some complications of sickle cell?
Acute Chest Syndrome
Spleen rupture: risk of sepsis with pneumococcus, e. coli, Hflu
MC pediatric malignancy?
ALL: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
How do you diagnose Leukemias
Bone Marrow aspiration and Biopsy
How do you treat ALL?
Chemotherapy: Vincristine, Prednisone, MTX

Bone marrow transplantation for chemo failure
Signs and symptoms of anemia
What do you see on RBCs with lead poisoning?
basophilic stippling
What % of blacks carry the sickle cell trait?
Reed sternberg cell is found in?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
What are the stages of hodgkin's lymphoma?
I- one lymph node region
II- >2 lymph node regions
III- lymph node regions on both sides of diaphragm
IV- Disseminated + nonlymphatic organs
Burkitt's Lymphoma is caused by what virus?
EBV, most common in African people
How can you tell someone is in resp distress?
Resp Rate
Labored breathing
MCC of shock?
What are the 3 types of shock?
Hypovolemic: septic, anaphylactic, neurogenic
What is the treatment of Urticaria (hives)
Usually self limited
Avoid trigger
Epinephrine for acute severe cases
H2 Blockers