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Definition of Seizures
•discrete clinical events that reflect a temporary physiologic dysfunction of the brain
•characterized by excessive and hypersynchronous discharge of cortical neurons
Defintion of Epilepsy
a chronic disorder or group of disorders characterized by seizures that usually recur unpredictably
Status Epilepticus
seizures recurring frequently enough to produce a fixed and enduring epileptic condition lasting at least 30 minutes
-portion of the seizure which occurs before consciousness is lost and for which memory is retained afterwards
•simple partial - whole seizure
•complex partial - precedes seizure
Categories of Seizures
1. Partial - one hemisphere w/ focal EEG abnorms: a) Simple partial sz (conscious)
b) complex partial sz (consciouness impaired, postictal)

2. Generalized: both hemispheres a) Absence sz b) Atyp absence sz c) myoclonic sz d) clonic sz e) tonic sz f) tonic clonic sz g) atonic sz
3. Unclassified
Absence seizure
-generalized seizure
-"petit mal"
-sudden onset, interuption of ongoing activities, blank stare, lasting for a few seconds, immediate return to normal activities (sudden offset)
-EEG 3 cycles/sec generalized spike and wave pattern
Children. Rarely continue beyond adolescence.
Tonic clonic seizure
-generalized seizure
-"grand mal"
-sudden sharp tonic contraction of muscles
-Tonic and Clonic phase
-post ictal phase present