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how to individualize instruction
-based on developmental levels, rather than age or grade
motor development should be mature before what
-ask children to use the skills in specialized sport settings
proficiency barrier
-crossing the line from fundamental skills to specialized sport skills
how can relay races be positive
-keep teams small providing feedback
-task station can be used
2 ways to overcome proficiency barrier
a. gradual sequences
ex.slowly make practice activities more game-like
b.small group games over large group games
(focus on skills rather than rules)
why are relay races used?
-convenience, easy, students know the game and only need instructions
relay race
=randomly divided teams perform a locomotor skill and possibly a manipulative skill and the team who finishes first without violating rules, wins
3 dimensions of sequencing
a. from one task to the next
b. from one lesson to next
c. from one grade level to the next
goals and objectives of relay races
-skill development
-appropriate attitudes of teamwork and fair play
-opportunities to compete
guidelines for sequencing developmentally appropriate games
a. understand children's motor devpt
b. individualize instruction
c. increase complexity of tasks
d. consider sequence at all instructional levels
one problem of relay races
-not customized for a child's skill level, and require a child doing a skill alone, competing against one another